Something really important is starting to change about Hyaluronic Acid regulatory status: the Belgian Authorities have indicated in the Belgian tool for food supplement declaration FOODSUP for hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate that only the origin of the rooster’s comb is considered not novel in food supplements. For the other sources and methods of obtaining (in particular by fermentation), the operator must be able to prove a history of significant consumption in the European Union in food supplements before 1997 (very difficult for the not rooster’s comb originated products).

It’s important to highlight that this restriction is applied only to purified Hyaluronic acid: cartilage naturally containing HA can still be used.

This could be the prelude to all the EU Countries alignment to the Belgian Authorithies, which should have a huge impact on the industry. The Novel Food status riquires a big effort for a Company trying to sell an ingredient like this, which cannot be sold in the market without a long and quite expensive series of food safety documents.

Recent history demonstrates that Companies should act as soon as the autorithies start to investigate. Waiting could be very hamful.

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