Cynatine® FLX is patented, natural, purified, soluble and bio-available hydrolysed Keratin. It is developed in France from a single high-quality raw material, New Zealand white sheep wool. Such a noble raw material was chosen for the amino acid profile very similar to the human one, to guarantees high bioavailability.

Its effectiveness on joint pain and inflammation was proved by numerous studies which indicate it as the perfect preventative treatment for daily relief, improving life comfort and preserving flexibility and mobility.


An in vitro study demonstrates that Cynatine® FLX modulates significantly the mechanism of inflammation; the metabolic responses observed after induce inflammation are 1) A significant decrease of inflammatory markers (TNF-α and ADAMTS-4 enzyme) and 2) An increase of extracellular compounds (collagen and glycosaminoglycans). These results show both a protective and a healing efficiency of Cynatine® FLX in joint inflammation.



An in vivo double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study demonstrates that supplementation with Cynatine® FLX reduces knee pain and stiffness on subjects suffering from osteoarthritis. Participants in the study included 50 individuals with a diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis. Over the course of 60 days half of the group took a placebo while the other half took two capsules containing a total of 500 mg of Cynatine® FLX daily.
Just after six days the Cynatine® FLX group showed impressive results: joint pain was reduced by over 40% and mobility improved by 40%.




Daily dosage 500 mg
Action on Joint Pain and Inflammation
Form powder soluble
Color light yellow
Origin sheep wool
Taste/smell light
Shelf life 5 years
Kosher & halal certified


Cynatine® FLX relieves joint pain and reduces inflammation. Contact us to discover more at