The Boom of magnesium demand has created a deep offer of the products on the market. Over the years, production technologies have developed significantly leading the way to innovative and efficient solutions. Some of the many issues with using magnesium in formulations, are the metallic taste, instability and poor bioavailability. Sochim is proud to provide a solution to this problem: SunActive® Magnesium.



What’s behind it?

Usually, big particles of magnesium form a no stable dispersions and the bioavailability is very low. SunActive® Mg makes water insoluble nutrients readily dispersible in water. Due to the Super-Dispersion technology, SunActive® Magnesium particles get transformed into micronized salt particles and get an emulsifier layer. This transformation leads to a dispersion of the very fine particles and prevents from re-agglomeration and precipitation. The particles are led directly through the stomach to the intestine, where they get absorbed through the M-Cells of the intestinal mucosa.

Moreover, the special technology of SunActive® prohibits mineral sources from evolving a metallic taste and lowers the reactiveness and aggressivity against other components in products and in human bodies. SunActive® is free of any flavours, colours or preservatives and it is stable against heat, salt, pH changes and oxidation. Therefore, SunActive® is suitable for the effective nutrient delivery in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.




  • Micronized Mg-orthophosphate
  • 12% Magnesium
  • Legal by EFSA. All Mg-Health Claims
  • Mg-absorption independent from Ca2+






Sochim International is a proud partner of Taiyo GmbH and distributor of Sunactive Minerals®.