SunActive®Mg-P120 is a powder type, emulsified Tri-magnesium-bis-(ortho) phosphate (Mg3(PO4)2x H2O) to fortify magnesium in food, instant beverages or dietary supplements. Conventional Tri-magnesium-bis(ortho)-phosphate is poorly soluble in neutral solution. Therefore, it does not exhibit unpleasant taste of magnesium-ions as all other soluble magnesium salts such as for example magnesium sulphate, magnesium citrate, etc.




However, it is difficult to create a liquid formula with conventional magnesium ortho-phosphate because it precipitates easily. In order to solve this problem, Taiyo developed a method to convert magnesium orthophosphate into very small micronized particles which are coated by emulsifiers to prevent re-agglomeration and precipitation in water (Super-Dispersion technology). So SunActive® Mg-P120 forms a stable milky dispersion in water and in milk or soy beverages. For these reasons it can be used easily in powder and stick supplements.




Finally, the reached bioavailability of SunActive®Mg-P120 is as high as conventional magnesium salts, without the metallic taste. The absorption of Magnesium from SunActive®Mg-P120 does also not interfere with the calcium absorption and other mineral ions.

To sum up, let’s recap the main advantages of using SunActive® Mg:

  • less alcaline magnesium taste
  • high bioavailability (thanks to Super-Dispersion technology)
  • no osmotic diarrhea due to limited release of magnesium ions
  • no coagulation of protein in milk and soy