This last year has seen the rise of many variations regarding regulatory topics within the EU. Among these, one of the latest news having significant impact on the nutraceutical and food sectors concerns additive E171 (Titanium dioxide). This molecule is used in a wide variety of food products (sweets, sauces, cheese and fish-based products, etc.), cosmetics, supplements, sun screen and more, as additive or technological adjuvant.

Contrary to what was published in 2016, on the 6th of May 2021, EFSA published a report in which experts on food additives and flavourings concluded that Titanium Dioxide can no longer be considered safe as a food additive and problems regarding the genotoxicity of its consumption can no longer be ignored. This means that it is not possible to establish an acceptable daily intake (DGA) for titanium dioxide.

Due to this, the European Commission has now officially banned Titanium dioxide as an ingredient in foods and dietary supplements on safety grounds. The measure will enter into force from the 7th of February 2022. However, manufacturers can still place products containing the chemical compound on the market for six months, and then any products still on the market can remain until their expiry date. Meanwhile, the European Commission and pharmaceutical companies have three years to find titanium dioxide alternatives for medicines, or justify why it should continue to be used.

It is fair to note that some European Countries have already suspended the use of Titanium dioxide, like France, where it is forbidden since the 1st of January 2020 after a negative opinion published in 2019 by ANSES.

Until now, E171 has been used without limitation in solid and liquid dietary supplements (with the exception of formulations intended for infants). Needless to say, the supplements (and food) industry has no more time to take action and revise formulations and mixes in order to follow the new measure.

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