We know.

Maybe in this period you feel heavy or tired… and you complain lacking concentration.
And sometimes you know why, sometimes you don’t. Now you are thinking about the same time in the previous year… seasonal effect, diet, stressful episodes…

Stop thinking, you need Nature’s Superpower!



Jari’s Spermidine comes from seedlings of selected wheat seeds.

The concentrated force of nature drives the seedling out of grain, the youthful plant bursts with vitality. The power of this seedling powder is captured and dosed it as a food supplement.

Spermidine is a vital substance for all living beings with a cell nucleus (eukaryotes, plants and animals). The basal cell effects of spermidine are many. The most important are antioxidative effects and autophagy-stimulation (cell renewal). Autophagy means the removal and recycling of the unneeded cell components. In the figurative sense, it can be considered a “garbage disposal function” to promote the cells “self-rejuvenation”. Both basal effects, antioxidant and autophagy, establish and underline the designation as an “anti-aging” mediator.

Here just a quick resume of the ending benefits of Spermidine:

  • Protection against cardiac aging and illness
  • Mitochondrial function improvement
  • Reversal of age-associated vascular stiffness
  • Positive effect on atherosclerotic plaques, reduction of hypertension
  • Positive effect on metabolic syndromes, obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • Neuroprotective effects
  • Increase of life-time


Sochim International S.p.A. is a proud partner of JARI GmbH Health & Nutrition.

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