Put yourself to the test

Whether you do not know them well, or you consider yourself an expert, know that the advantages of using softgels are many and can be divided into two categories: process and compliance.


Today we see the 5 main advantages in the category PROCESS.
Put yourself to the test and do the self-assessment in the end!


1. Protection of the active ingredients from light, possible oxidation and moisture.
In particular if opaque incolor, softgels protect the content of the light from UV radiation.




2. Combination of active ingredients in different forms
In a softgel you can combine oils with powders.




         3.  Reduction of excipients
The outer shell contains only purified water, glycerol and gelatin.





4. Hermetic seal
The hermetic seal ensures the stability of the ingredients.
If done with high manufacturing standards, it must not be visible to the naked eye.



5. Safety and targeted dosage
Overdose of active ingredients is limited.



Well! How many of these five points did you know? And what surprised you?

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