What is the basic ingredient that maintains the structure of hair, skin and nails?
Keratin, of course.

Among the various ingredients on the market, Sochim is proud to distribute Cynatine®, developed in France from a single high-quality raw material, New Zealand white sheep wool.
Certified origin is critical to exclude potentially hazardous ingredients such as by-products of the slaughter industry. In addition, such a noble raw material was also chosen for the amino acid profile very similar to the human one; finally, an exclusive production process guarantees a high bioavailability.




Cynatine® boasts numerous in vivo studies that validate its effectiveness. Below are the results of the double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted on 50 women over a period of 90 days.

A recent three-month study of 100 people, double-blind placebo-controlled, has again confirmed the benefits of Cyntatine®  on hair, skin, nails.

Sochim International S.p.A. is the official Italian distributor of Cynatine®, a product of Kerat’Innov.

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