Vitamin D3, being present in various products in the area of nutritional supplementation thanks to its multiple benefits validated by Health Claims, is now a constant variable in the lives of many. It has always been used to improve the absorption of calcium in bones and it is also used for the well-being of microcirculation and muscle trophism. Not to say the least, Vitamin D3 has become one of the most widely used ingredients in the recent boom in immune system strengtheners, while some category associations are explicitly recommending it for menopause (click here).

As a result, in addition to the supplementation of Vitamin D3 in the population that manifests nutritional deficiencies, an increasing demand has developed in the numerous therapeutic areas in which Vitamin D3 plays an important role in synergy with other ingredients.
For this, we propose a solution that is not only of the highest quality standards, but that optimizes synergies with other active ingredients in a unique way: Capsudar D3 1000E by Lycored, a highly concentrated product, 1000E (2.5% or 1 million IU of D3), which makes it applicable for use in combination with many other vitamins, minerals or active ingredients. The ideal associations, as well as supported by studies can be with Magnesium, Vitamin K and Calcium.

The association of the different ingredients requires great attention to the production process, especially when sensitive and easily oxidized materials are involved. This is where the real innovation steps in! The CapsudarĀ© microencapsulation technology is a layered encapsulation system that guarantees ideal conditions for the storage and use of the raw material in different applications (Tablets, Hard-shell capsules, Chewable tablets, Premixes and Sachets). The spray coating preserves the encapsulated ingredients in their natural state, for an effective release in the in the absorption.





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