The vaccination campaign is proceeding in most parts of the world successfully and this lays the foundations for looking to the future with newfound confidence. From this experience we will certainly come out different, in particular we have become more sensitive to the theme of health, in particular of our immune system, which represents the basis for living serene and in balance. From health professionals to the final consumer, everyone has become more sensitive to the subject in question and above all more demanding: they demand natural, safe and quality ingredients.

This is why Sochim is proud to distribute a ground-breaking ingredient, backed up by clinical studies: Eldermune®, an innovative new product containing elderberry juice concentrate combined with Sunfiber® (partially hydrolyzed guar fiber) as a soluble fiber.

Eldermune® is a solvent-free concentrate that contains all the elderberry components including polyphenols and anthocyanins, unlike an extract that contains limited elderberry actives. The elderberry is mixed with Sunfiber®, a prebiotic, soluble dietary fiber, which helps replace the natural elderberry fiber lost during the juicing process and thus help the absorption and digestibility of the nutrients.

The powerful antioxidants inside Eldermune® support the immune system: several in vitro studies show that the polyphenols and anthocyanins contained in it block the key proteins in the adhesion and entry of the pathogen into the host cell, thus acting from the first stage of infection.

The result? 2020 in-vitro studies proved Elderberry’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immunomodulatory properties[1].

Above this, an initial in-vitro study showed that Eldermune® has immunomodulatory and viral inhibition effects also at the lowest recommended dose of 100 mg. The key finding was that the inhibitory effect is strong enough to reduce cytokine activity in a beneficial way, without altering immune function[2].

Eldermune® boasts the best quality and safety certifications:

  • Tru-ID® Certificate
  • Does not contain maltodextrins
  • 100% Water soluble
  • From fruits grown in North America and Europe subsequently processed in North America.


To learn more about Eldermune®, receive clinical studies and understand which ingredients work in synergy with this ingredient, write to us


[2] 2020 unpublished in-vitro study by NutriScience on Eldermune® activity – contact us to know more about the study.