According to a Grand View Research Report forecasting 2020-2027 for the global nutraceutical market, the growing geriatric population, increasing healthcare costs and changing lifestyles, have aided the overall growth of the nutraceuticals industry. It has been reported that nine out of ten adults consume 55% minerals and over 50% vitamins in their daily diets. Not to say the least, considering the Italian nutraceutical market, the largest one in Europe (source of IQVIA data), Minerals & Vitamins were the first to contribute to the growth of 2020, generating almost 70 million euros of extra revenues.

Being an intriguing world, let’s dig in the mineral world!

As a consumer, I rely on my doctor’s suggestions on whether Zinc X is better for me than Zinc Y. But if I work behind the scenes, as a contract manufacturer, am I sure that every mineral equates any other mineral?

Over the year, production technologies have developed significantly leading the way to innovative and efficient solutions. Some of the many issues with using minerals in formulations, are the metallic taste, instability and poor bioavailability. Sochim is proud to exclusively distribute a solution to this problem: SunActive®.

SunActive® is a patented and protected Nutrient Delivery System consisting of micronized and micro encapsulated nutrients for an effective nutrient delivery through foods, beverages and dietary supplements. It is used for insoluble mineral sources, delivering increased mineral absorption and bioavailability. SunActive® is free of any flavors (no metallic or bloody taste), colors or preservatives and it is stable against heat, salt, pH and oxidation.  

Why it works? Thanks to the Super-dispersion Technology, SunActive® creates a stable micro-dispersion of water insoluble mineral salts in water.

SunActive® Minerals are available as iron, zinc, and magnesium products.

Sochim International is a proud partner of Taiyo GmbH and distributor of Sunactive Minerals®.

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