As fitness studios and gyms reopen across many countries and warmer seasons approach, things look different: people not only are keen to lose the infamous pandemic-weight, but many are more and more aware of the importance of staying in shape and being healthy.

In such context, for many people, integration is now a daily ritual. In the sports industry, its more important than ever. The global sports nutrition and supplements market was accounted for a growth rate of 8.6% before the Covid-19 pandemic, but the market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 12.9% after the coronavirus outbreak. The positive growth of the market is mainly attributed to owing to a shift in people’s lifestyle towards a greater emphasis on fitness and health. Moreover, increase in the consumption of sports nutrient products in order to boost immunity is likely to propel the market growth during the pandemic[1].

Among the many helpful supplements, amino acids certainly stand out, in particular carnitine, which in recent years has been much advertised as an energy booster. By now, in fact, the final consumer is fully aware of the function of this essential amino acid, so much so that the demand for this product is spontaneous.

Carnitine in fact has multiple properties: mainly, it promotes energy metabolism and reduces recovery time after physical exercise, but it is also useful for supporting cardiovascular well-being and also plays an important role in weight control.

Sochim focuses on quality and chooses Carnicote®, the Lycored signed Carnitine which has the unique characteristic of being microencapsulated. This fundamental manufacturing process has 3 main advantages:

  1. Improves stability and shelf life
  2. Removes the unpleasant amino acid aftertaste
  3. Ensures optimal dosage

Carnicote® is suitable for different uses, from supplements to energy bars and enriched foods.

Finally, Carnicote® boasts numerous certifications:

  • GRAS (Generally recognized as safe)
  • GMO Free
  • Trans-fat free
  • Kosher

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Sochim International S.p.A. is a proud partner of Lycored® and distributor of Carnicote®.